You always see in the movies the guy that is too shy to talk to girls and needs tips from his guy friends to be able to talk to the girl of his dreams. Well the same happens with women. Females can get just as flabbergasted with their words and what to say that they just look silly. Once you have the talking to men matured it is then time to learn how to impress. Sometimes you just need a little confidence and some background knowledge on just what exactly impresses men.There are many different opinions out their on how to impress men, what works and what does not. Read a bit of everything and then take what works for you. Some things may work for some woman while other things may not. These are the top four things you need to be able to impress a man.

Be smart

Men like woman who are intelligent. Not to offend anyone but most men do not like “air heads.” As statues they like a woman who has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants out of life. They want to be able to have intellectual conversations with you, no just talk about what the Kardashians have done.

Be open to sports

I know what you are thinking. “ I really have to watch sports.” Now if you are one of those girls that loves sports then you are good to go. I have found that men are impressed when women are into sports. If sports is not your thing don’t flip out, it’s okay. Just be open to the idea about it. Be willing to go watch a game with him and have a good time. At least put in some effort to understand how it works, you don’t have to fall in love with it just be open to it. Not just with sports. Men like it when you are open-minded about all sorts of topics.

a couple in love

Just be you

This is the most important of them all. If is important to always be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Men want the real deal they don’t want someone around that is going to play games. I understand how hard it can be when you really like a guy and want him to be into you, but it is not worth changing who you are to make him notice you. You need to be with someone who loves you for exactly who you are, if they don’t they are not the one.

Get more information. Their are lots of resources out their and articles you can read that can help you improve yourself and give you tips and tricks on how to get the man of your dreams. This article on how to impress a boy is a great place to start. has so great article as well. Just remember to keep improving yourself and become the kind of women men dream about!

No need to look like a clown

Believe it or not, men do not like it when you wear too much make up. They like your natural beauty. Of course it is fun to dress up and put on some makeup and go have a night out on the town. That is perfectly fine, you just don’t have to over do it. Men like confidence, if you to show him what you look like without all that on, you are sure to impress him.

Like I said there are so many opinions out there on how to impress a man. The number one thing I always tell anyone whether you are a man or woman is just to be yourself, you were beautifully made you do not need to be anyone else other than yourself.

Many people today fall in the monotony of life where they get to do a particular activity over and over again without the injection of new ones from time to time. Take for example going to work, while its important to have a job as it ensures one is able to contribute their knowledge, have experience and earn money in the process, it is important to inject new activities.

new life activity
Most people keep the normal schedule of waking up, preparing themselves, preparing the children for school, heading to work, picking the children, preparing dinner and finally going to sleep only to repeat the same activities the coming days.

To break the monotony in life, one needs to inject new activities. Below is the important of performing new activities in your life.

Improves quality of life
When you get to engage in a new activity such as performing yoga or exercising at the gym, not only do you get to regulate your weight but you get to improve your quality of life. Improved quality of life ensures that you get to about life with renewed energy and attitude.
Injects fun into your life
Doing fun activities from time to time helps to make your life exciting. There are several activities one can get to engage in and they include swimming, playing at the park as a family, taking a boat ride at the lake and even having fun at the beach. Paint, draw, get into arts and crafts, design furniture using free wood making plans, scupt, their is so many things this world has to offer.   .
Having fun helps to improve one’s mood and allows one to exercise their body.

wood working

Eliminates monotony
Leading a monotonous life is boring as one gets to do the same activities over and over again as the days go by. To prevent monotony and eliminate it from one’s life, you need to engage in new activities from time to time. If you have a family, you can get to spend weekends together by visiting museums, art galleries, attend children shows with your children or even take a ride to the countryside.
Doing this from time to time eliminates the frequent activities that one gets to do day in, day out therefore creating an enjoyable life.

Helps combat diseases
Leading a monotonous life means not getting the required exercise and also leads to the consumption of junk food as one is not able to take some time and eat healthy. Leading such a life leads to obesity where fat is stored around various body areas such as the waist, hips and thighs.
Performing exercises such as walking, running and yoga helps to burn calories in your body therefore avoiding diseases such as diabetes.

How to go about it?

You need to create a schedule where you get to list all fun activities you want to engage in
You can also be spontaneous when engaging in fun activities

Be creative

Bodybuilding is no easy task. People have to be committed to special dietary and exercise regimens for years in order to successfully build up their bodies in the first place. Maintaining the results that they have achieved is just going to be another set of frustrating tasks. Many bodybuilders will learn to take pleasure in these sorts of tasks, but even then, they will need some strong sources of motivation in order to go through with them week after week. There is no end in sight when it comes to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding inspirations really can make all the difference for the people in this situation.

mike chang six pack shortcuts

Their are lots of well known body builders. You may know or have heard of the youtube sensation bodybuilder Mike Chang, maybe facebook famous Lazar Angelov, Dana, Michelle Lewin or many others. Bodybuilding inspirations can take on many different forms. Some bodybuilders will look to each other for the sake of motivation. Bodybuilders will certain photograph well. They can look at each other's results and become inspired in the process. Many people who are trying to lose weight will try similar strategies. People in that situation will often find photographs of thin people inspiring. Bodybuilders can similarly find photographs of very muscular individuals inspiring. They can think of what they're going to look like once they actually stick to their time-consuming, draining routines for a long enough period of time. This may be something of a simple motivation strategy, but it can still manage to work wonders for a lot of people.

lazar angelov

There are plenty of prominent people within the bodybuilding community who can serve as an inspiration to the people who are just getting started. Plenty of these people will have really made their mark in the community in one way or another, and the people who are new to the community can read their biographies. Some people will find the look of their fellow bodybuilders inspiring. Other people will be more inspired by their narratives. Some forms of motivation will work better than others for different people.

Of course, there's no reason to prioritize one method over the other. Some people might tape a picture of a toned bodybuilder to the wall of their workout rooms, and then they might decide to reread an inspirational bodybuilder biography later. Choosing multiple strategies is probably going to serve as an effective plan overall for bodybuilders who are trying to motivate themselves. By using these sorts of motivational strategies, they will also probably manage to become more involved in the bodybuilding community.

michelle lewin

While bodybuilding is very individualistic in one sense, bodybuilders are still working together for the sake of support in many ways. They will communicate in forums online. They will share dietary tips and workout advice. Bodybuilders are people who share a common goal, and it does make sense for them to bond over that goal. The people who are looking for inspiration when it comes to bodybuilding sometimes will only need to look to their fellow bodybuilders. By spending more time in this particular community, people will only reinforce their conviction to continue to pursue their goals. Bodybuilding is tough, but the individuals involved with it will have the support that they need.

attract health

Finding diet plans that actually work to help you meet your weight loss and maintenance goals can be a daunting task. The market is literally flooded with all sorts of diet plans, many of which promise fast results. An online search of different diets reveals dozens of different approaches to health and nutrition. However, there are several diets that stand out as safe, and that have been proven effective over time. It is these diets that will be discussed in this article. Here is an overview of diets that work:

fit and sexy

1) The Low Carbohydrate Diet: Popularized by Dr. Robert Atkins years ago, this dietary approach has had its critics through the years. However, studies have proven again and again that a low carbohydrate diet is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. The key is to eat nutritious low carb foods that are prepared in a healthy way. Taking a low carb diet as license to load up on unhealthy cuisine such as greasy fried meats can defeat the plan. A sensible approach to low carb dieting includes eating lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, and yes, occasionally beef, that has been broiled, baked, or grilled. Added to the meat should be plenty of green leafy vegetables, and low carb vegetables such as cucumbers and green beans. Other high protein foods to include in the diet are eggs, cheeses, and nutritious snacks such as nuts, which are an excellent source of important natural fats. Legumes such as beans are both high fiber and high protein, making them a good source of nutrition. Foods to avoid will include all flour and sugar products, such as breads, bagels, and pasta, and other high carbohydrate foods such as white potatoes and white rice. If you strictly follow the Atkins version of the diet, you will walk through three separate phases of the plan, beginning with induction, and progressing to an ongoing phase for weight loss, and finally, a maintenance phase in which carbohydrates are gradually reintroduced into the diet in a manner that allows one to maintain the weight loss that has occurred over time.

healthy heart

2) The Paleo Diet: This dietary plan operated under the premise that refined foods, sugar products, and trans fats are the primary causes of a host of health issues common in the western diet. To remedy this issue, the pale Diet advocates a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy fat sources. Foods to avoid on this plan include dairy, all forms of processed food and sugar products, starches, legumes, and alcohol. The diet is designed to work in harmony with our human genetic profile by bringing us back to eating foods that our ancestors ate for optimal health.
3) The Raw Food Diet: As the name indicates, this dietary plan advocates eating foods in their most natural state to avoid the loss of important healthful enzymes and nutrients that are lost though heating and cooking our food. The diet allows plenty of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This allows better absorption of vitamins and minerals, and promotes efficient functioning of the digestive tract. As an added benefit, eating raw is known to promote weight loss because it eliminates cravings for processed foods and refined sugar and flour based products.

These three diets are widely known and respected for their effectiveness in promoting weight loss, better health, energy, and stamina for life activities. To get on the road to good health, consider checking into these dietary plans to see which one may be the best fit for your life. If you enjoyed this article and want to not only get on an amazing diet but gain muscle at the same time this 5 minute read will change your life. 

Spoiler alert: the secret contained in the movie provocatively titled "The Secret" is the hypothetical concept otherwise known as the "Law of Attraction." You can read more about this by clicking here.  Don't let knowing the secret of "The Secret" keep you from watching the movie, however. If for no other reason than that educating yourself about the Law of Attraction or The Secret or the potential for exploiting the possibilities of affirmation through positive energy is always a good thing.

book teaching the law of attraction

The film version "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byrne has a best-selling companion book for those wanting to expand upon the opinions, theories and concepts outlined in the film. Prime Time Productions, an Australian company, is the force behind the film which presents, in documentary form, a vague but strongly inferred connection between ancient secrets buried among the Great Pyramids of Giza, the rise and fall of the Knights Templar, a shadowy cabal of the elite super-rich and motivational speakers like Esther Hicks and James Arthur Ray.

Along the way, viewers are presented with the enticing possibilities of historical figures ranging from novelist Victor Hugo to famed composer Ludwig van Beethoven as being in on "The Secret" that gives the movie its title. Essentially, the producers promote the tempting idea that the greatness of artists like Hugo and Beethoven as well as the scientific advancements discovered by men like Isaac Newton and even the very existence of powerful secret societies like the Rosicrucians can be traced back to the realization, understanding and implementation of "The Secret."

author Rhonda Byrne

That secret to wealth, power and success which should be made available to all as a measure of democratic equality has instead, throughout history, been protected by a rich and powerful elite who have not all used it for purposes that benefit the rest of society. In fact, it took the democratization of most of the civilized world to get to the point in 2006 when "The Secret" could finally be revealed to the masses through the release of this controversial film.

If you want more details on "The Secret" and how it can change your life for the will have to watch the film for yourself.

eckart tolle

Many people struggle in order to live in the moment, and they cause themselves a great deal of stress in the process. When people dwell on the past, they're fixated on events that they cannot change by definition. When people can't stop thinking about the future, they may be distracting themselves from the very things that they need to do in order to achieve those future goals in the first place. These individuals would benefit from reading the Power of Now Eckhart Tolle. The writer, Eckhart Tolle, more or less believes that learning how to stay grounded in the moment is part of the path to enlightenment. use the power of now combined with the law of attraction to manifest what you want in life to live and full and complete life.


Many readers have praised Tolle's clear and straightforward writing style. The Power of Now is a book that is accessible to people all over to world, and not just to people who have read a great deal about psychology and spirituality. Tolle's voice as a writer is also very positive, allowing him to avoid the traps that many of the writers in this genre fall into, making this an even more enjoyable read than it would have been otherwise. People will be able to learn complicated concepts easily, thanks to the excellent manner of presentation that Tolle chooses for his ideas. People have probably been hearing about living in the moment for their whole lives, but now they will actually have the opportunity to learn how to do it.

Many readers have reported that the Power of Now was a book that changed the course of their lives. It is a book that has inspired countless emotional epiphanies. Some self-help books get people to change their circumstances. Other books are aimed at helping people change how they respond to those circumstances. The Power of Now is a book that could help people get through almost anything.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful force that you can use to make dramatic changes in your life. More than just wishful thinking or the latest self improvement catchphrase, the Law of Attraction is actually one of the fundamental guiding principles of the universe, intrinsic and essential to how the universe operates. But, unlike other laws of the universe that we collectively understand as the study of physics, we're only just now beginning to understand how the Law of Attraction works and the impact it has not just upon us, but upon our ability to create thekind of lives we've always dreamed of.

thoughts become things

This powerful universal law works on the premise of "like attracts like" as this article and solid source of information eludes to. and upon the basic fact that our thoughts have the ability to influence the world around us. Think about that last point for a second: your thoughts alone have the power to influence and create change within your life. It may sound incredible, but science has proven this to be true with countless studies, all showing that human thought can and does affect how the basic energetic components of all matter behave. Keeping these points in mind, it becomes clear that if we think thoughts similar to that which we want in our lives, those thoughts will attract those things to us. Let's take a closer look at how you can use the Law of Attraction in your life.

the power of now

The first thing to do is determine what is the biggest change you'd like to manifest in your life right now. It's fine to start with a small goal while you're learning to make the Law of Attraction work for you, but know that this isn't necessary. The greater you desire your goal, the faster and stronger it will come to be, so don't be afraid to dream big. Perhaps the biggest change you'd like to make is to lose weight. In order to make the Law of Attraction work best for you, this goal needs to be carefully thought out. Is your goal just to lose 20 pounds? Or perhaps what you really desire is to be healthier and have more energy?That is a very different goal than to simply lose weight, and one that is not only much easier to attain, but one that will have a more profound and positive affect on your llife.


Now that your goal is clearly identified, it's necessary to word that goal in a short, poignant phrase that you can focus on throughout the day. It's important to keep these things in mind: 1) phrase your goal in the present tense, using words like "I am" not "I will be," 2) keep it short, this will make it easier to remember and more powerful, and 3) phrase it as directly as possible, using strong language. Sticking with our example, we can word the goal strongly and directly as "I am healthy, strong, and filled with energy." In this way, your goal is succinctly stated, allowing your thoughts to focus strongly upon it, sending a clear signal to the universe of what you want.

After identifying and properly phrasing your goal, it's time to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. Your goal must now become the main focus of your thoughts; repeat it to yourself throughout the day, focusing your intention and desire behind it. Remember that your goal is phrased in present tense for a reason: you must focus your thoughts and desires as if your goal has already manifestd. In this way, you are affirming to yourself that your goal is not only possible, but that you deserve it and that there are no obstacles keeping you from it.

You can also write your goal down on post it notes, placing them in random places about your home so that you see them throughout the day. Place one on your bathroom mirror, your computer screen, the steering wheel of your car, in your sock drawer, inside the fridge, and on the coffee maker, for example. Every time you encounter one of your reminders, take a moment to focus on your goal. Let it fill your mind and focus your entire being on it. Focus not on achieving it, but on how it already exists. You already are healthy, strong, and filled with energy. Know this, and the universe will respond appropriately, sending more energy to you, helping you to naturally make healthier choices in your life, and to boost your confidence in yourself. A good thing to do is to find quotes, saying, incantations and repeat them over and over. has over a dozen powerful quotes you can use on a daily bases.

By placing reminders for yourself throughout your home, you are more likely to consciously make decisions that support your goal, perhaps turning down that sugary soft drink for an antioxidant filled green tea, or skipping that extra servingat supper because you're already full. In this way, not only does action follow thought, reinforcing your commitment to your goal, but you surround your goal with more energy, causing it to manifest faster and more powerfully.

The Law of Attraction is a simple yet fundamental property to how the universe works, just like gravity or centripetal force. But, as this law governs the actions and behavior of the most fundamental components that all matter is made of, it is a law that you can take advantage of to create real, dramatic, and lasting change in your life. Think about it. And remember the law of attraction, being the best you you can be, and doing great things in your life are all related. check out our home page here to get in the best physic, mental, and spiritual shape of your life!

Today, men and women are pursuing the dream of gaining muscles with the sole purpose of improving their strength as well as their appearance. Gaining muscles cannot happen overnight; therefore you need to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifice in order to achieve your goal.

perfect physique body

Below is how to gain muscle.
Consume more calories. Even says to increase your caloric intake.
When it comes to calories, it does not mean consuming those that promote unhealthy eating such as sugar rich foods or unsaturated fats rich foods. One needs to consume foods that are rich in calories but those which help to promote muscle build up.

Consume foods such as fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean beef, chicken and fish among others. The best way to achieve this is to consume more of the above foods that is instead of eating 3 bigger meals in a day, eat 6 smaller meals in a day.

How to gain muscle with exercises requires one to join a local gym. At the local gym you will get to meet trainers who have years of experience in shaping one’s body and also helping one to build more muscles.
Working with your trainer will help you perform the right exercises which are geared towards muscle build up and strength increase. As the trainee it is important to know that you need to perform more heavy compound exercises for example.

This is all part of living a healthy life. View Get in the best shape of your life article here to make sure you are healthy in every area of your life.


Do barbell rows instead of curls if you want bigger biceps
Bench press more instead of doing dumbbell flies to increase your chest size
Perform overhead press instead of front fraises if you want to have bigger shoulders
Perform deadlift instead of pulldowns if you want to have a bigger back.

Consume protein supplements
Supplements help to provide the much needed nutrients to the body which in this case is protein. Supplements help to fill nutritional gaps which you are unable to derive from your diet. Supplements you can use include:

Whey protein powder
Casein protein
Branched chain amino acids

whey protein

Drink more water
Your body needs to be hydrated so as to ensure you are able to build your muscles. Experts recommend individuals to consume 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. The water will not only help to build your muscles but it will help clean any toxins and waste from your body.

A good night sleep is vital to ensure that you are able to build more muscles. The body gets tired after a day of exercising. A good night sleep allows the muscles to repair themselves. Experts advise individuals to rest 7 to 8 hours a night. In order to get a good night sleep, you need to avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine rich drinks.

Many people will stare and sometimes even drool when they see someone who is in great shape. Although many have come up with resolutions and decisions to get in shape, they lack both the will power and knowledge to achieve this. Luckily, this guide on how to get in shape will look at what you really need to do in order to achieve that.

Watch Your Nutrition
The first step towards attaining that shape that you have been looking for is by deciding to eat healthy. You have to eliminate foods that have a lot of calories and focus on those that will give you energy and proteins. As a result, increase your veggies, meat and quantity of unprocessed foods. Taking charge of your calories is also critical in helping you shed extra weight and thus get a lean body. Do not confuse eating healthy with eating foods that look healthy.

get fit

Exercise Regularly

It is difficult if not impossible to get that perfect body without exercise. Come up with a training and workout routine that you can easily turn into a habit. Think about cardio based exercises and weight lifting if you are to get in shape. Exercising regularly does not mean that you spend the whole day in the gym. Going for short intensive training periods of 30 or 40 minutes is enough to help you meet your targets, as long as you are consistent. You should also consider getting an exercise plan that works for to avoid giving up along the way.

healthy foods

Work with a Goal
A number of people turn to different weight loss and workouts to get into shape without coming up with a particular target of what they want to achieve. Doing this will leave you in a plateau phase after some time. Acknowledging that you have a target to meet is what will push you towards success but also ensure that you give yourself a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, it will give you the energy and determination to overcome your obstacles and carry on. It is this set point that will take you past the plateau and into the next phase, a fete only reserved for a few individuals.

drinking water

Load up on Water
Sticking to sugary drinks will never get you in shape no matter how hard you try. These drinks are not only useless to the body but also elevate your insulin levels making it hard to lose weight. This is the principal reason you have to turn to water. Water will hydrate your body while also detoxifying it. When you are hydrated, you can work out for longer, and you will also get that supple skin that goes well with your physique.

Rest is Paramount
These tips on how to get in shape cannot be complete without mentioning the importance of relaxing in your quest for the perfect body. Exercises tear down muscles, and you need sufficient rest to rebuild them. Getting enough rest will also rejuvenate the body and give you the strength and willpower to go on.

Getting in shape is as easy as understanding what you are doing and coming up with a plan that will get you there. These tips are valuable in helping you in not only formulating the plan but also guiding you on how to meet your goals.